Respect for the Nature

We made a clear choice : to be on the side of nature and respect for the environment.

Non-toxic and non-harmful materials

We produce high quality hoses using non-toxic and non-harmful materials for man and the environment, whose safeguards is an objective of primary importance both in the initial stage as regards the choice of raw materials as in the final stage of recycling waste finalized to reuse them.

REACH Certification

We have always operated in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations such as “REACH” which today constitutes one of the major references on the analysis of chemical substances, the identification of those dangerous and discipline of their use.

Choice of the raw materials

In accordance with these standards, we are trying to raise awareness of all our customers recommending the purchase of products manufactured exclusively using top quality materials that do not contain dangerous substances as they are replaced by safer ones for humans and the environment.

For the purchase of raw materials we rely exclusively on the leading suppliers in the domestic market and make sure that each input of material in the production cycle is subjected to inspections and certifications that attest and ensure their purity and safety.

Environmental Responsabilities

We pay attention to the recycling of plastic waste so we started the certification of eco sustainability as outlined in the Statement of the Ministry of Environment dated 4 August 2004 and other European standards.

We always try to improve the environmental performance of our manufacturing processes also to gain in energy efficency, using innovative and advanced technologies in order to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. In addition to the purely technological and production aspect is also a personal component to be reckoned with : we do sensibilise, inform and involve all our employees and encourage a sense of “environmental responsability” to work in compliance with the principles and standards that protect the environment.