About Us

ALMAPlast has become a very important landmark for all main manufacturers of flexible PVC hoses. Situated in an extended industrial area, the company has reached a production capacity of over 50.000.000 hose meters per year.

Over the last years ALMAPlast has become synonymous with efficiency, control and accuracy, beeing able to satisfy the different requirements of today’s market, starting from the selection of raw materials till delivery of the product, through a punctual customer service and an efficient front office which is able to follow step by step each phase of this process.

In 2012 ALMAPlast looks right on the market for the sale to the trade of its wide range of products PerformanceTubi®.
The hoses in the catalogue are the result of a careful selection which aims to obtain maximum versatility to satisfy both industrial and commercial customers.

Our reality

Situated in central Italy, ALMAPlast is an innovative and dynamic company, which produces flexible PVC hoses for industry, gardening, agriculture and building sector worldwide.


Our mission is a reflection of our company style: we strive to become partner for our customers through a careful and accurate approach resulting in customized projects.

Made to measure

The company follows a “made to measure” approach in realising “ad hoc” hoses with a great performance/price balance.

By the technicians’ side

The close relationship between our technical office and those of the customers is one of the key elements to our success. During the past years our technicians have deloveped considerable expertise resulting in innovative and effective products.

By the producers’ side

ALMAPlast is a company particularly attentive to the different requirements of their possible customers as manufacturer and supplier, and besides as partner in the request-solving of any technical, quality or productive issue of hoses for various uses.